Health Care


Our sign language interpreters are skilled in HIPAA laws for communication, ensuring that the patient and medical staff receive professional and confidential sign language interpreting sessions. We provide options such as male/female sign language interpreter selections to best fit appointment or meeting. For information regarding ADA requirements for Healthcare providers Click Here.


Connect Sign Language Interpreters will be happy to conduct Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance Consulting for organizations wishing to integrate their Deaf employees into their work environment, establish reasonable accommodations and improve communication. These trainings are conducted by members of the Deaf community who know first hand the frustrations of communication barriers.

educational & Business


We provides sign language interpreters for all types of educational & business institutions. Our skilled ASL interpreters are able to accurately interpret every level of communication within the workplace or school. Our Professional Conduct ensures that no matter how private the issue being interpreted, the conversation stays confidential.



The need for qualified interpreters is ever increasing. Connect Sign Language Interpreters has a dedicated pool of certified interpreters that work as mentors. We help ITP graduates to transition into the work force.